Two bit color

The digital silhouette

Download parameter file zipper03.loo

There aren't too many people who would want to download a fractal program that rendered fractals in black and white. Not these days, that is.

Back a while, any fractal image was exciting. Then it was anything with color. Now it has to be true color or even layered before it gets much attention.

Download parameter file zipper02.loo

But sometimes the simpler methods can have great effect and a style all their own.

Perception is a funny thing. Art or beauty or whatever it is, can sometimes be made with simple tools and a lot of talent.

Download parameter file zipper04.loo

Movies, for instance: Look at how many great movies were made back in the days of black and white or even before sound?

Or how about back when there was only the stage and actors?

Actually, that might be somewhat of an advancement since a stage play has sound, color and is even in 3D, something you don't see much with movies. It's interactive too; the cast often responds to comments or applause from the audience.

Forget theater, it's ruining my argument. There's nothing simple about it.

Download parameter file zipper05.loo

Anyhow, it's always intrigued me how some neanderthal methods can still compete with space age ones. Maybe it's the simplicity of those plain styles that appeals to us. Today's layered images with 32 bit color and awesome detail have become common and we want more variety.

Hey, that's what simple folks like me are here for.

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