The Fractals of Madness

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Once upon a time hardworking artists were congratulated and rewarded for producing freaky images like this.

I used to have several books by AE Van Vogt and the pictures on the covers would today look like crude imitations of fractal art.

Long ago it was possible to stimulate people's imagination with far-out space art. There were undoubtably books that were not as good as their covers.

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Today Futurism and things futuristic have an antique quality to them like the illustrations to novels by Jules Verne. We are dated by our pictures of the future.

Amazing still has a frontier; a place of new growth and excitement. I can't think of a name for that town or territory, but Surreal would cover it adequately.

The only futuristic pictures that haven't yet faded are the dream/nightmare visions of surrealist painters.

That surrealism is still fresh and energetic suggests something to me. What interests us most about the future is not technology but rather thoughts and feelings.

Download parameter file "pluto01.loo"

What strange new worlds of ideas and emotion await the shining citizenry of tommorrow? Outer Space has been moved to the history department; from now on the USS Enterprise will boldly go where only the psychotic have gone before.

And this time I've got the fractal art for the book covers! Although, I guess they won't be in great demand since anyone can make this stuff. It's the writing that's hard.

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