Download parameter file "deepsea01.loo"

Once upon a time, I used to open up a big atlas of the world and look through it.

Although it's reason for being was to display maps of the world, it also contained many colorful diagrams and artwork displaying various things like the different depth zones of the ocean.

The ocean is just as complex and varied as the continental area we live in. In fact, the complexity is greater because sea creatures float all over the place and don't just live on the "ground level" like we do here.

Download parameter file "deepsea02.loo"

Birds fly in the air, but they don't live there like fish live in the water, floating around continuously.

Just as we find different kinds of animals living in different types of climates (tropical, temperate, arctic, desert...), fish differ in the depth of water they live in.

To make a long lecture short, the freaky stuff is down near the bottom where it's pitch black and the pressure is so high that whatever can withstand it is so unique and specialized it can't live anywhere else.

Which brings us to the fractals. They have a luminescent, glowing appearance like some of the fish (sea creatures) down there. And the fractals have this contorted, deformed look like the fish do too.

Download parameter file "deepsea03.loo"

I can remember always going straight to that picture of the ocean zones everytime I picked up the atlas, even when I was looking for a map or something completely unrelated.

There was one fish that stood out. He was just a boney head with huge jaws and a skinny body trailing after. His tiny eyes glowed; his body was transparent like a swimming x-ray.

Glowing and gliding across the abyssal plain.

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