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The Fractals of Madness

Download parameter file "hills01.loo"

Once upon a time hardworking artists were congratulated and rewarded for producing freaky images like this.

I used to have several books by AE Van Vogt and the pictures on the covers would today look like crude imitations of fractal art.

Long ago it was possible to stimulate people's imagination with far-out space art. There were undoubtably books that were not as good as their covers.

Download parameter file "roots12.loo"

Today Futurism and things futuristic have an antique quality to them like the illustrations to novels by Jules Verne. We are dated by our pictures of the future.

Amazing still has a frontier; a place of new growth and excitement. I can't think of a name for that town or territory, but Surreal would cover it adequately.

The only futuristic pictures that haven't yet faded are the dream/nightmare visions of surrealist painters.

That surrealism is still fresh and energetic suggests something to me. What i…


Download parameter file "sled01.loo"

The sea is a stream
of slow motion
of sliding slowy
through a building
through a city
through a room

Download parameter file "sled02.loo"

Waves crawl
the tide trickles in
hours crest and crash
our day is over
the ocean begins

Download parameter file "sled03.loo"

A day feeds a year
like a film feeds a reel
the frames stand up frozen
melting with motion
glowing and growing
and gone

Download parameter file "sled04.loo"

Moments meander to minutes
hours cascade into night
drawing our lives in water
swimming liquid light

The Sky Eaters

Download parameter file "roots06.loo"

Swimmers of the sky
and the tunnels in the air
Aircraft eat the ocean
and settle back again

Download parameter file "roots05.loo"

For feeding on the bottom
the flyers call us names
But we are on the surface
of this upside down domain

Download parameter file "roots04.loo"

Every journey takes flight
arching up
then down
to here
Where the air is rich and thick
And the sailing goes on forever

Cloud Horn

From the Cloud Horn come the clouds.

Download parameter file "urban03b.loo"

Each cloud is born with a thunderous sound.

No two clouds are the same and the droning sound that accompanies them is always unique.

Download parameter file "horn01.loo"

For large clouds the horn makes a deep, sustained noise. This can last for hours, but most clouds are made in a few seconds.

It was a wild theory, a very wild theory for quite some time until the discovery of the exact location proved the Cloud Horn's existence.

Download parameter file "horn02.loo"

Carefull tracking of individual clouds, something never even considered before, revealed that all clouds, everywhere in the world, originated from this single place.

Studied extensively, and the subject of numerous documentaries and books, the Cloud Horn is still unexplained.

Download parameter file "horn03.loo"

It's presence is observed only by the formation of new clouds and the mysterious but clearly audible …

The Silent Enemy

Silence needs no translation and adapts flawlessly to all languages. Revealed to us as innovative, we recognize it as an old friend.

Download parameter file "airplane04.loo"

Long ago there was a civilization that rapidly advanced to the conclusion of culture. Although they had not developed writing, this did not hinder the preservation of their great discovery, silence.

Spreading without fanfare or ceremony, silence was adopted by every group of people. It needed no introduction or argument as its benefits were quietly understood.

Like all plagues, silence easily adapted to new opportunities and exploited the weaknesses already present in our frenzied, undernourished speech.

Download parameter file "airplane03.loo"

Originally percieved as passive, the infiltration of silence was relentless. Every word gave way to silence as it divided and conquered the kingdom of language.

Outrageous as it may once have been, silence demanded and recieved the right to be present at t…

The home of the Moon

Once upon a time, the moon lived in the forest.

Download parameter file "feather07a.loo"

The forest was dark, even in the daytime. The Moon made things worse; being so big, it was always in the way and casting a shadow that made it hard for the trees to get sunlight and animals to find their way around.

Whenever the Moon moved out of the way of one creature he was getting in the way of someone else.

One day he said to himself, "I want to go away from here and find somewhere else to live."

Download parameter file "feather07b.loo"

That night the Moon left the forest and pushed itself up into the air and through the clouds.

As it moved up into the sky it began to get brighter, although it was still night time.

Download parameter file "feather07d.loo"

It became smaller and smaller as it drifted away from the forest, but the Moon also became brighter and brighter so that the creatures noticed something strange was happening.

The Pine Trees saw a deer and aske…


Download parameter file "deepsea01.loo"

Once upon a time, I used to open up a big atlas of the world and look through it.

Although it's reason for being was to display maps of the world, it also contained many colorful diagrams and artwork displaying various things like the different depth zones of the ocean.

The ocean is just as complex and varied as the continental area we live in. In fact, the complexity is greater because sea creatures float all over the place and don't just live on the "ground level" like we do here.

Download parameter file "deepsea02.loo"

Birds fly in the air, but they don't live there like fish live in the water, floating around continuously.

Just as we find different kinds of animals living in different types of climates (tropical, temperate, arctic, desert...), fish differ in the depth of water they live in.

To make a long lecture short, the freaky stuff is down near the bottom where it's pitch black and the pressure is…

Fractal Blueprint

Fractal Circuitry / Fractal Label Tray

Download parameter file "astra03.loo"

Spine Belt
Iterative Zipper
Mandelbrot Trackway
Transformer Tunnel
Teeth Feeder
Cable Cave
Skim Shaker
N-set Subway
Conductive Sinkway
Shaver Stack
Pinpath Sideguard
Iterating Circuitstrip

Download parameter file "astra04.loo"

Colorcap Trackpath
Current Grater
Heat Float Holder
Terminal Scap Path
Radiative Wickway
Lumaira Bright
Superslot Cableway
Sandhill Finger Stack
Candle Clip
Nailway Tunnel Feed
Blueskin Bus Rack
Tinytooth Terminal Gap
Cardle Cup
Wirewand Spindlestick

Heart of Fractals

Download parameter file "tomato05.loo"

Like the evil, money-grubbing Gepetto from Pinnochio, I want to put chains around these fractals and harness their talent.

But it's not likely there will be any paying customers, and being a gentle person, I let them go free, content with the memory of them and the thought that I will surely see them again, at home in the wild.

Well, not quite. That's the Disney version.

Download parameter file "tomato02.loo"

With a small crew of petty criminals, I captain a small steamer through the remote tributaries of this fractal formula.

Beyond the law, above the law, ironically we become the law; insisting we have every right to possess this strange land. And the wealth of imagery it conceals.

I had kicked myself free of the earth...

Download parameter file "tomato01.loo"

Did the darkness grow out of the jungle as others had said? Or was it the greed in our own hearts that released it like an enveloping cloud; hiding from us…


Download parameter file "scratch03d.loo"

I miss the fire
and the cave

Download parameter file "scratch03a.loo"

I miss the career goals
of survival
and food

I miss not knowing what day it is
and being illiterate

Download parameter file "scratch03b.loo"

There's nothing like a mammoth hunt
and everybody's busy with "things" today

We live in houses we would never have built
and eat things we would never have caught

Download parameter file "scratch03c.loo"

But I will wait here and be patient
for the departure of history

Death threats are a no-no

Just in case no one's told you...

Download parameter file "scratch06.loo"

For that matter, sarcasm in general is not a good idea on the internet.

Why? Because people can't see your face. They can't see you smiling as you write, "...or I'll kill you."

Download parameter file "scratch06d.loo"

There's a lot of things that just don't get communicated when we're talking with text; the message becomes diluted, vague and open to numerous interpretations.

On the other hand, any violent response can only do emotional damage; how much harm can someone do to you with email or comments?

Download parameter file "scratch06b.loo"

Now that's interesting; if text, the written word, is such a limp form of communication, then how is it that words can hurt? How can they provoke such deep feeling?

Let's flip the coin over and continue this discussion with happy things. Words of encouragement, kindness, a cheerful hello...

Download param…


Download parameter file termite07.loo

It is reasonable
That I don't trust you

Download parameter file termite06ac.loo

We have come to this place
By the straightest of paths

Download parameter file termite10.loo

You entered their homes
And made them empty

Download parameter file balloon04.loo

The heart of the house
Is sad by your hands

Download parameter file fuludu06.loo

But you are poor
I have made it so
I have taken from you
My trust.

Algorithmic: Drawing by design

Download parameter file wrk26.loo

The machine, unthinking but teachable, an idiot savant that never tires of carrying out our instructions, makes an excellent artistic tool.

The help of my electronic Igor means I merely adjust parameters, watch the results unfold, and then wander through the newborn panorama photographing whatever has interest.

Download parameter file sewsaw01.loo

And while walking down endless spirals and examining foliage from the fourth dimension, I've never concerned myself with questions like, "Is this art?"

You shouldn't either.

Two bit color

The digital silhouette

Download parameter file zipper03.loo

There aren't too many people who would want to download a fractal program that rendered fractals in black and white. Not these days, that is.

Back a while, any fractal image was exciting. Then it was anything with color. Now it has to be true color or even layered before it gets much attention.

Download parameter file zipper02.loo

But sometimes the simpler methods can have great effect and a style all their own.

Perception is a funny thing. Art or beauty or whatever it is, can sometimes be made with simple tools and a lot of talent.

Download parameter file zipper04.loo

Movies, for instance: Look at how many great movies were made back in the days of black and white or even before sound?

Or how about back when there was only the stage and actors?

Actually, that might be somewhat of an advancement since a stage play has sound, color and is even in 3D, something you don't see much with movies. It's interactive too; the c…