The private club of winter

Most people think it's just not their place.

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If you live down south or in the tropics, try to imagine a forest in a freezer.

Up here where the snow falls, I get the feeling that most people really don't like winter and consider it a worthless time of the year.

They are not members of winter's club.

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It's at times like this I think of the old, sage-like philosopher who from his wise and aloof perch over the busy anthill of our nation sums up our anxious struggles with some idle comment.

"Grasshopper, have you felt the joy of winter?"

For instance, the cold makes the house feel warmer and richer.

Also, look how the city hides indoors and leaves the sidewalks and parks empty for us, as if we were emperors and now the city is forbidden to them.

The cold has laid siege to them, but we stroll about like diplomats.

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The most peaceful place in the world is not in a desert. It's out in the forest, at night, in the winter. Only the winter.

I've been there. There's a strange kind of quietness. A Grand Canyon of silence. No birds or bugs or people, or any sign of them.

Just you and God, and time.

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