The plastic dream of outer space

Why does space no longer look inviting?

Download parameter file spacestation01.loo

Is it because we no longer believe in cosmic Treasure Islands?

Now we know that Jupiter is just big and full of nothing.

Pluto may even be down-graded from planet status. That makes it an asteroid. An asteroid is a fancy word for a rock.

Venus is worse than uninhabitable. Venus looks toxic. There's nothing romantic about acid rain.

Mars: what a disappointment. Think of all the books and movies the "red" planet has inspired. Worlds of charm and spectacle and mystery.

Truth is, it's just a hard to reach gravel pit.

But maybe there's water, and you know what that could mean? Yeah, give it up.

The moon still has something going for it. That "dark side" still captivates us.

Maybe that's it. The unknown, or what you can't see, is a lot more exciting than anything we can study.

We can think anything we want about the dark side of the moon and no one's going to pop our balloon or call us childish.

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