The many faces of Cuttlefish

Each theater has it's own style.

Download parameter file cuttlefish01.loo

Try an encyclopedia. You'll see a line drawing or maybe a color photo of some ray-like creature in a sea of words.

National Geographic magazine portrays them differently. They move gracefully and even shimmer in the underwater, full-page, flash photography.

Dried up like leather and crusted with salt is the way I usually see them, hanging from the wall in the chinese grocery.

I've never seen anyone buy one.

I think some fragrant metamorphosis occurs when they're taken home and cooked.

In the past, people would try to pass off all sorts of common sea food creatures as sea monsters. Cuttlefish were the most popular.

It wouldn't have fooled anyone in China. The hoax would have been eaten before it had a chance to draw even a small crowd.

They've been used in sci-fi movies too. Slightly enlarged but otherwise dressed in their everyday clothes. Lillies and Cuttlefish, there's no need to gild them.

And now here we are, in fractal-ville, the last theater on the street. Do these Newtonian formulas think they can scare us with this Cuttlefish imitation?

Don't they know we've been down the whole street and walked all the way here on our own?

Mathematics is so naive when it comes to horror. We aren't afraid of their teethy transformations or awed by their endless iterative powers.

We came in here because it looked so peaceful and safe. To get away from the war.

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