Jurassic Fractal

New fossil discoveries shed light on fractal origins.

Download parameter file skeleton01.loo

I think it's a backbone, but the curved, clawlike bones suggest something with more flexibility, like maybe a wing.

Maybe I need a vacation, or therapy, but I find these bone-like structures interesting, especially here where they have this structured arrangement.

This is the second sine-trap render method using color 15 or 24.

Once again, something new in Sterlingware. This program has so many dials to twist and buttons to push that you may be able to spend a lifetime experimenting with it.

Without anti-aliasing the tiny bones look like fuzzy hairs.

There's something intriguing about bones. Bones imply flesh and flesh implies form just like a footprint implies a foot and a foot implies a person.

What did the prehistoric creature actually look like, why was the person walking here?

I saw a dinosaur book that took the bold step of portraying dinosaurs with wild colorful stripes. It was outrageous and fanciful, but looked a lot like lizards and birds today.

Maybe the past was stranger than we can imagine.

Wait a second, I can imagine flying reptiles breathing flames and using Svengali-like mind control while glowing aliens use the earth as an experimental ranch for the study of DNA mutations.

So think twice before you throw that "imagine" word around. You don't know what sort of freaky, neon-vistas some of us folks can dream up.

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