Fractal Falls

Twister Weed + Sine Trap 4 = Seriously twisted fractals.

Download parameter file shaver46d.loo

Like an explorer sighting land in uncharted waters, there's a real thrill in discovering new fractal territory.

That is, new fractal territory that looks appealing. There's plenty of formulas and rendering methods, but only a few pay off.

In Sterlingware, I've found good imagery only in these: the first two orbit counting renders, fractal dimension, sine trap 1 and 2, x/y y/x stalks.

Download parameter file shaver54a.loo

That's enough to keep one busy for a long time, but I'm always wondering what other island are waiting out there in the fractal sea.

I've come to realize that if you want to see something new and different in a fractal program, you've got to do something new and different.

It's hard thinking outside the box because sometimes we are the box.

Download parameter file shaver52.loo

Finally, I suceeded in producing something interesting with the fourth sine trap render. The third one is still a challenge, although it often looks promising.

Unlike the first and second, the fourth doesn't respond to changing the stalks and bubbles radius parameter. Adjusting this parameter does some very interesting things for the first two sine traps.

It was the combination of the bright color numbers (1-12) and the twister weed formula that made the sine trap 4 render work. The other formulas don't combine to make anything that looks too exciting.

Download parameter file shaver54b.loo

The water fall part of the twister weed formula is where I found all these images. Without the twister weed formula this render method would still be unprofitable.

The images have a torn paper, machine gun bullet belt or electric shaver look to them. Or the feathers of some exotic bird. Just a few simple structures, but when grown together and colored just right they produce something refreshingly new.

Like Sindbad, will you have trouble convincing people back home that you saw a bird with feathers like this? For that matter, can you really talk about fractal land with people who've never been there?

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