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Have you heard about the recent discovery of a tomb in the Valley of the Kings?

Even my 7 year old son was excited. Does he understand what three and a half thousand years is?

I really don't think so, but even still he's intensely curious about it.

I read several articles on Google News hoping that one of them would have something the others had left out.

When the story actually dropped off the main news page I searched for it, hoping there might be something, new about it.

Then, I found photos. I mean a photo. They cut a hole about 1 square foot through the doorway and took a photo. My son ran to the computer when I told him.

It's funny that something so incredibly old should be "news." Of course the news story is partly the discovery itself, which is a new thing.

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Haven't we seen enough of these dried up things from Egypt?

Sure, and there may not even be anything unique or historically significant in this tomb. Ancient Egypt has got to be one of the most studied parts of history. It's cliche.

The beauty and style of the ancient Egyptian stuff is what I think appeals to my son and me. It's old, so what? That's nothing compared to the dinosaurs.

I love those wall cartoons and coffin characters. Who cares about the kippered kings? The artwork is the real treasure. Leave the bodies in the ground.

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