Taxonomy of Art

Not everyone shares my obsession with sorting things: books, firewood, artwork...

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Maybe it's pointless, but every now and then I like to stop and sort the art world into different compartments. Perhaps it's a disorder.

Like a puzzle, or some brain teaser game, it's just for fun, a break from doing serious things.

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Or is it?

Maybe it's some strange, mythical, apocalyptic thing. Maybe when the essential categories of art have been discovered and recorded...

The whole universe will stop.

And instantly roll up like a spring-loaded blind, revealing a new vista of wonders and intrigue.

Are there essential forms from which all visual phenomena is contructed, the atoms of art? An underlying architecture that can be seen if you look closely enough?

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Maybe there isn't. Maybe art is primarily subjective and we need to look at the subject rather than the object, in this case the viewers rather than the art itself.

Well, anyhow, the logical conclusion of a matter can be its own reward. Like untying an old knot or finding out what's making that dripping noise in the basement.

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