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Fire Snails from Alpha Centauri.

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Perhaps you know something about coral, or even sea snails, but I'll bet you've never even heard about sea slugs.

Some are quite big, and they are of course fleshy and unprotected as they lack a shell just like regular slugs.

What was I talking about?

Sea slugs. They have no enemies because they taste bad. And they have wild far-out colors although they themselves are blind or something.

Yes, the fractal here looks like one. In fact sea slugs eat by dragging a jagged tongue over whatever they are moving across. The curved pattern there looks a bit like the mouth and tongue.

Anyhow, they stick out like orange pylons on the sea bed but nothing bothers them because they have an extremely bitter taste but aren't actually poisonous.

But I don't know, just because they taste bad shouldn't be enough to deter all potential predators. What if some shark is starving? Wouldn't even a sour slug taste better than nothing?

The animal kingdom is weird. They can be so dignified and stubborn sometimes. They'd rather die than eat sea slugs.

Look at humans. We'd be eating each other if it wasn't for the police.

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