Fractal Noir

Wisdom brightens a man's face and changes its hard appearance

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I like Film Noir, it's my favorite.

What is Film Noir? I've never looked for a definition, but here's a few thoughts.

Film Noir is the part left out of all those other movies. The heavy husk that restores wholeness, like bran and wheat germ does to white flour.

It's the hidden half of the equation that explains our futile reasoning.

It's the camera turned on the audience before they have a chance to act.

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Film breaks free from the earth and then looks downward,

not really film at all,


He planted something on the canvas, and it grew up through the movie screen.

Film of the Spanish shadow. Cloud of Dali.

They call it noir, "black," or dark, but that darkness is just the shadows, the other side of daylight, the boundary of brighter things, just as night is the shore that day departs from.

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