Fine art with the foot

Is Kung fu a type of calligraphy?

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I don't know much about martial arts, and I'm not a Bruce Lee fan, but there's something artistic about the way he uses the nunchuks.

I watched Return of the Dragon the other night. Bruce does it all: star, director and writer too. As movies go, it's pretty bad most of the time.

Until he starts to fight. Then it's like full contact ballet. Imagine Baryshnikov prancing about to the sounds of smashing tables and cracking skulls. Kung fu is the art Ballet could have been but failed.

Nureyev with nunchuks. Renoir of the roundhouse.

It's interesting how something so violent as kicking people in the head can be done so gracefully and with such refined table manners.

In fact, I get the feeling that Kung fu is ultimately an art or performance sport like gymnastics or ballet and only a method of fighting as a way to pay the rent.

Chuck Norris and a couple other westerners are in the movie, but they seen clunky and wooden compared to Mr. Lee. Actually the Japanese Karate guy doesn't have Bruce's refined movements either.

Bruce is a tiny fellow and not the least bit intimidating. I'm sure in person he probably surprised a lot of people when they first saw him fight.

He's like a poisoned dart. Everyone's fooled by the little guy wearing slippers.

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