Familiar places

Coastlines are different, but water is the same.

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I was at a lakeside park here in Toronto once. The lake was big, you couldn't see the other shore.

I saw people standing and staring out into the lake. There's not much out there, the occasional boat, and like I said, you can't see the other shore, just the watery horizon.

The park is near a place in the city where refugee claimants are often temporarily housed in seedy motels. The park would be a very pleasant diversion.

Of course, half the city is from somewhere other than Canada: it's actually the most multi-cultural place on earth.

I observe all sorts of foreign customs and practices each day here, while shopping, driving or just looking out the window. There's no need to go travelling, everybody's here.

But all these people standing on the shore and quietly staring out into the distance was something new.

I started to do it too, wondering if there was something out there after all. And there was.

It was a place from childhood, from back home, a familiar place. The land they stood on was new, but that blue horizon was still the same and for a while it was nice to look at that old friend.

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