Crouching Tiger, Fuzzy Fractal

Download parameter file fuzzy.loo

What's got three heads and makes movies? Whoever made the movie Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.

First head: Jean Cocteau. The night-time fight scenes, or pursuit scenes between what's her name and the other woman. They could be spliced right into Black Orpheus and you'd never know.

Second head: Sergio Leone. This is more complicated. But a tiny woman, with a big sword, clearing out a frontier saloon full of men has Leone's sense of irony or sense of something like that.

Third head: Someone who films panoramic stuff. I can't think of any names. Hey, maybe that head is faceless. The head with no face.

The beginning of the movie is very slow but has ornate surroundings, which is how the fractal here is related. It has an aged laquerware look, or a patina to it, like many of the ornate wooden things in the film.

There's a well developed tradition of decorative art in the Orient that we just don't have here in the West.

The pattern on a sword blade, the box that carries it, the table cloth it sits on, the mountain in the window, even the shadows are rich. Art grows like weeds in a place like that.

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