Convergence of Art

Could music, writing, visual art and every other creative activity be different parts of a single thing?

Download parameter file double.xpf

I can see all artforms coming together, converging into some all-inclusive sphere of creativity.

Inside, one single artistic, creative essence spreads out from the center of the sphere. Manifesting itself as poetry, and at the same time, in another part of the sphere, as fiction, paintings, sculpture, music.

The creative flame, the core and source of every type of art, giving life and utterance in a thousands artforms.

The sphere, now floating in space, fills with creativity and becomes pure white. It starts to turn, slowly.

Look, off in the distance, out of deep space, something is coming.

It's like a golf-club. Get out of the way!

Oh! What a swing, art is gone!

No, it's coming back. It's a comet now, forever passing through space. An endless journey of brilliant, blazing light and beauty.

No. It landed in a black hole.

Now we've got to start all over again. That's going to be tough. But, let's skip all the boring stuff in the development of art this time and go straight to fractals.

And no art critics either.

Except for me.

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