Or maybe, Green Finger Feet.

Download parameter file claws.xpf

It's funny the things you stumble on when you're experimenting with a fractal program.

The fractal machine forces us to consider things we would never have imagined.

Doesn't a painter or traditional artist at least have some idea what they're going to paint? Is the painting not a product of their thoughts, an expression of their mind?

Fractal programs on the other hand are purely mechanical entities and render an image according to the fractal parameters we choose, and do it in a very carefree and relaxed way, aloof to the comments of trivial humanity.

They produce things we can't imagine. They're creative.

This was the idea behind one of my previous blog ideas, Art from New Places.

It's possible to create computer programs that are creative, that is they make new things. They become a source of artistic imagery that is new.

It's not so easy to make a program that can produce "art." But then it's not so easy to teach people to produce art either.

The term "art" is somewhat subjective and evades definition. Computers need to be clearly instucted and our vague descriptions of beauty just don't compute.

Computers can produce imagery, things you look at, but only people can pick out the artistic stuff.

The key here is that computers will do things that we wouldn't and that's why so much "algorithmic" art (art from mechanical processes), which includes fractal art, is so fresh and exciting. It's like looking through alien eyes.

Who could paint a fractal?

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