Song of the Machine

Who has ever raised a toast,
to the lifeless apparatus?
Yet so many have warmed their ears and minds,
from the sounds of Spratta-tatus.


Download parameter file ship.loo

What if machines were intended to be sculptures, and their productive functions were just part of the show?

What if the purpose of a car was to produce the painstaking artwork of used tires?

The Chinese never developed firearms, but they invented gunpowder. What if gunpowder was never designed to do anything other than make loud noises at parties?

Have you seen the movie, Robots? I haven't, but I've seen the bubblegum cards and the advertisements.

What if the purpose of movies was to make beautiful logos and awesome advertising?

The most appealing things I've seen lately are the wrappers around Japanese rice crackers. What if the purpose of a rice cracker was to give form to an elegant wrapper?

In the book, Mosquito Coast, by Paul Theroux, or somebody, the inventor character says something to the effect, "We eat garbage and throw the best part away."

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