Raytracing with Sterlingware

Get real, it's just a fractal program.

Download parameter file rayotron.loo

I like the textured, canvas look that these images have. Makes me feel like I'm a real painter and not just some jerk with a computer.

I upped the individual color values on the color dialog which has the same effect as upping the render number. I still can't figure out how color works with this program, but it's becoming more intuitive.

Until I saw this forming with my own eyes I would never have believed Sterlingware could produce something like this.

It has the photo-realistic look which Sterlingware excels in, so I guess it's not totally unique. But it's the textured look that is normally done by adding a texture layer, something Sterlingware doesn't do, that gives it that special elegance.

I've found that you have to cultivate objectivity. Fractals can be so amazing at times that one is tempted to save everything they make, to be "wowed" by the medium.

After seeing a few thousand, one begins to regain their perspective and the "wow-factor' disappears. It has to, it's a shallow emotion. The wow-factor is just one's excitement over the medium, in this case, fractals.

Once you've overcome the wow you're able to see things the way most people do: casual disinterest. A good image is one that appeals to someone who doesn't really care for the style or genre it comes from.

When you've seen lots of fractals, especially ones you've made yourself, you get jaded. After that, images have to be special to grab your attention, they have to have an artistic quality to them.

Art is independent of the medium, although the medium influences the style of the artwork. Art signs no contracts, makes no commitments and never appoints any medium to represent it.

People may say something isn't art or say they don't like it. They may say, "That's not art..." or "Anyone can do that..." or "Real art is..."

Art communicates with its audience in bold yet silent ways. Art is what makes them take a second look and proves that they were lying.

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