One step beyond

Every day I am bombarded by email from my readers. Lately, they all say the same thing: "Give us something Christmassy and sweet to look at, or we'll kill you."

Download parameter file letters06.loo

Here it is, fresh from Santa's hard drive.

This is my first attempt at faking the layering thing, which, as I've mentioned before, really makes fractal imagery rich, lush, and time consuming.

Let me tell you the story of how it came to be...

Once again, fed up with a lack of further fractal discoveries, I asked myself, "Is that all there is to Sterlingware?"

Having been in this, if you will permit me to use old seafaring terms, Sargasso Sea before, I began to think. I've learned that there's a time for tweaking the fine-tuning knob and a time for spinning the coarse-tuning dial.

The first few adjustments just made junk: arctan just doesn't seem to mix with orbit counting. Sin()-Cos(), on the other hand showed protential.

I had previously lowered the Stalks and Bubble radius from .3 to .08 which prepared the way for the lean squiggles you see in the image. I also reduced the iterations from 20 to 10 which reduced the tangledness to the image.

It still didn't look so great, but having seen a lot of ugly, scratchy images beautifully transformed by anti-aliasing, and since the image generated quickly at only 10 iterations, I gave that a try.

Things were exciting again. Instant Ultra-Fractal. I did a happy dance.

There you go, young fractal cadets. In the words of our own Captain Kirk, "To boldly go where no one has gone before!"

Don't let that creative sound barrier keep you from going supersonic.

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