The Metalunans Attack

I think it would make a cool alien spaceship, somewhat spider-like.

Download parameter file metalunan.loo

I don't know what it is about old science fiction movies that makes them so captivating to me. The current ones, since the mid-eighties, just don't have the same feel to them.

When I was growing up all we could get were two television channels and VCRs and video taped movies weren't really available.

The only venue for vintage sci-fi was the late night movie on CKNX or CKCO. They showed a lot of old stuff like the Carry On movies and Ma and Pa Kettle.

Once in a while they'd show something like the Andromeda Strain or "It! The Terror from Beyond Space." I was too young to stay up for the late night movie so I'd have to sneak downstairs, hoping my parents had gone to bed and try to be really quiet.

Sometimes I missed a lot of dialog because I couldn't risk turning up the volume too much and getting sent back to bed, ruining my secret sci-fi theater.

With the Andromeda Strain I reached my summit of clandestine late night movie watching.

My Dad stayed up late that night. It might have scuttled my chances of seeing the movie, but I was brave. I hid behind the couch in the living room while he watched the movie from another chair.

I couldn't miss it, I'd read about that movie in my favorite science fiction movie magazines. I'd read about lots of vintage movies in a series of magazines called Space Trek and other generic sounding titles.

I even got out books from the library that decribed sci-fi movies and monster movies and discussed the history and styles. I found it hard to read much else, but anything about sci-fi movies I would search for and read like buried treasure.

But I couldn't actually go and see any of these movies, I had to carefully monitor the TV listings in the local paper and wait.

I missed a chunk of the Andromeda Strain. My Dad got up half way through the movie and turned off the TV and went to bed.

There was nothing I could do from behind the couch but wait a reasonable length of time and then quietly turn the television back on.

I never saw the Lost Missile. It had been months since they'd shown any movies that were even remotely sci-fi like. I went to bed as usual and instead of staying awake until 11:45 and creeping downstairs, I fell asleep.

I still remember that sad feeling of waking up, seeing the daylightand then suddenly realizing I'd missed the movie and it was gone.

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