The internet is just a big computer

...or a big book, and websites just add more pages to the book, they aren't separate or distinct.

Download parameter file diagram2.xpf

Well, that's how I think the internet works or functions. To the user, it's just an extension to their hard drive.

Technically speaking, the medium of the internet is much more complicated: backbones, protocols, domain name servers, IP addresses...

But then, technically speaking, books are much more complicated than just a collection of pages. Take a close look at an expensively bound book. There's more to it than meets the eye.

Which is my point: It's what we see, what our perception is, that defines the medium.

The internet is an international network of servers, but in the end it amounts to just a big computer.

Consider your own little computer. The internet is just more of it.

Download parameter file diagram.xpf

When you "use" the internet, do you feel a little like you're in space? Do you "sense" a great world wide web of computers?

That's your imagination freakified by the hyped-up, Star Trek terminology of marketing campaigns and the over excited news media. The reality is just more content to display on your monitor: An enlarged computer, a bigger book.

But the dispersion and exchange of ideas which in turn leads to their development, refinement and the creation of more, is the only thing about the internet which hasn't been exaggerated.

A Critical Mass of minds.

The growth of human thought and technology, which Gutenberg greatly facilitated with the movable type printing press, has now been intensified and accelerated by the internet.

It's the only significant achievement of the internet. Everything else is just mere entertainment and convenience.

Like fractals and banking.

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