I saw the alphabet singing

Flying forth from the cosmic chalkboard.

Download parameter file music.loo

Every once in a while I stumble on a nice piece of readymade art and feel a little ashamed, like some artistic conquistador, to claim it as my own.

But hey, that's maritime law, fractal salvage.

Back in high school art class, we had to plan our projects and make sketches before we could start flinging the paint or slapping the plaster.

I can just see the art teacher nodding with approval at a sketch of something like this. I'd get to go on to the final production phase now with my fait accompli instead of the usual getting inspired while you paint method.

Computing is really going to change a lot of things. Pentium Rumplestilskins, turning our straw mouse clicks into gold.

Is that why algorthmic art gets such a cold reception in the art world? Anyone can do it. But not anyone, them, the machines. They're confused with the concept of computers as artists.

Nobody likes to be replaced by a machine. It suggests their work is mechanical.

Artists without faces. Talent without teaching.

Computing has brought to life a new creative medium. It has devalued the possessions of the traditional art world much like photography did by making realism easy.

Fractal and other algorithmic sources make abstract art easy. The old stuff looks cheap now.

The talent that rested in a handful of great artists or the techniques that took years to learn will be installed in a few minutes.

No more will anyone stand on the outside looking in, because now, the doors are open and art is free.

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