I like simple things...

I don't mean boring, I mean intense, radiant, focussed, strong.

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While we continue in this holiday mode, allow me to pour water on this seed of an idea in hope that it may grow into something fruitful.

...it's not working.

Wait, think of it this way. Imagine writing. When a piece of writing gets excessively simple, having very few words, it's called poetry.

What is the poetry of graphic art, visual art?

Design. Form, shape, structure, composition.

What is the most popular form of writing? Fiction, prose, non-fiction, and that sort of thing.

Why? Easy. Poetry is hard to make.

Most attempts fail. Poetry is such a celestial thing that one either creates a shining star or something else that falls back to earth, snagged by the awful grip of gravity, leaving an ugly crater in the ground or possibly injuring members of our audience. (music) "Oh no, stuck in Lodi again."

But we are so greatly encouraged by the radiance of previous successes that we ignore the micro-thinity of our chances to succeed.

Poetry can become a lottery of words. Who knows what series of alphabetic numbers will win the praise of our audience and release the showers of cash?

Poetry is the fractals of writing: Millions of calculations to produce a few lines.

The calculations of working? No, the calculations of living.

Computers will do better at writing because their great resources allow them to accomplish simple things.

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