The Gorgon heads of Christmas

It's not enough to chop one off, you've got to burn the stump too.

Download parameter file square04.loo

Consider the approach of King Ghidorah, the three-headed monster, enemy of Godzilla. See if you can hear, ever so faintly, "Ho, ho, ho."

His triple heads twisting senselessly, they rake the houses with electric bolts. Returning, without method or reason, he obliterates one house and leaves another.

Ploughing the cities, turning their gold back into straw.

Yes, amidst the crackle of the flames and the screeching of his reptilian cries... sleigh bells.

The brimstone nose of Rudolf announces the monster's return. The people come forward, bent, slaves to the seasonal spasm of the gaping gut: consumerism incarnate.

Bloated but not full, the monster moves through the city, gleaning the streets. He drinks Coca Cola and sings of giving, but he moves the hands that take.

"I love the smell of gift-wrap in the morning" he says, sinking into his chair by the fire. "Smells like... Christmas."

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