Fractal Coil of Terror

Sinister coil of doom. Mysterious coil of fear. Evil cable of horror.

Download parameter file wonder.xpf

Mutant coil of insufferable devastation. Atomic circle-ray of pain.

Iterated cable of non-linear horror. Silver slithering telephone extension of disaster.

Marauding ringlet of incomprensible fear. Extraterrestrial DNA of terror.

Four-footed electophone of needless torture. Coiling, looping Yeti-tail of despondency.

Shocking co-axial vine of innumeracy. Startling continuum of binomial silence.

Appalling lamprey of disunity programming. Lurid scheme of non-contingent systematology.

Stunning radioactive transmission line of perplexed audacity. Remotely functioning mega-wire of irresponsible divisiveness.

Predatory tentacle of total nocturnal incisiveness. Fractal invasion of complex disconsolateness.

Hopeless lingering limb of copper containery. Obliterative climbing finger of superheated sononic pain.

Sensless collaborative concussion of ruminant theory. Collossal sky-train of unrehersed calamity.

Coiling, shaking, trembling totality of immeasurable tragedy. Cataclysmic cyclonal retreat of horrific enduring.

Creeping sasquatch of forensic accounting. Unbounded freature of surality frontieritishness.

Coolondal agonity of gantoolital evanity. Sanpitipal assurantic of fanfooticle dearantistry.

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