A few of my favorite things

Sing with me...

"Broken up bottles, shattered and fractured.
Ancient old photos, creased, torn and fissured.
Words without meaning arranged in a string.
These are a few of my favorite things."

Download parameter file rock.xpf

Everyone's seen the Sound of Music, haven't they? I'm sick of it. I've seen it so many times that last time I actually hoped the entire Van Trapp family would get machine-gunned. It's not dated, it was always an irritating movie.

Back to fractals. If you choose the Phoenix formula in Xaos and then push the M key to go into Mandlebrot mode, you see this jagged piece of flint.

I've also added the filters for edge detection 1 and anti-aliasing. In-coloring: Squares. Out-coloring: Color Decomposition. Bailout is lowered from 4 to 2.

The Phoenix formula makes very interesting Julia things. That's why the default for the formula is in fact already in Julia mode as opposed to Mandelbrot mode.

To make different Julia images you have to first go into Mandelbrot mode and then choose a new Julia point. The easiest way to do this is to use the Fast Julia window, activated by pressing the J key.

You then click the cursor anywhere on this chunk of rock to see a thumbnail of the Julia that would be made from that point, in the Julia window. If you like it, press M again to "disable" Mandelbrot mode and display the new Julia image.

Which brings me to my point: is this an ugly image?

I often overlooked it because I figured it's probably been overdone as it's the starting point for the formula.

Many times however, as I changed random palettes, I would see something impressive, but move on to a Julia mode.

With the color decomposition out-coloring which gives it a halo, and the squares in-coloring which makes the inner part look like the side of a glass office tower, I finally saved an image of the ugly Mandelbrot-mode Phoenix just as it is.

A rather nice looking shard of glass or broken rock.

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