Chicken wire Christmas

Ever tried pulling chicken wire out of the frozen ground?

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It's my turn. What is Christmas all about?

Christmas is a snowball.

Somewhere back in something-something B.C. northern european people made the winter solstice (Dec 21st or so) a special day. That was just the start of the snowball.

Later on in southern europe, a church official got the idea to reform the annual holiday with the title Christmas. Much of the pagan traditions stayed, like Christmas trees, mistletoe, holly, candles, lots of food, drinking, sweet foods, burning logs, and not working.

Later on the snowball was rolled around some more, and just like it would be if you were making a snowman, it picked up all sorts of leaves and twigs and other stuff.

There are a number of Christmas traditions. Some involve palm trees and going to the beach. Drinking is almost universal, in fact "Merry" used to mean "Drunken."

And so it's been over the years, the Christmas ball has been picking up and adding more folklore than Grimm's Fairy Tales.

Just like a big snowball, the last thing it has picked up is all you see on the outside. The original ball is deep inside and doesn't resemble what the snowball has become.

The last thing Christmas rolled over was a thick layer of 20th century consumerism. And really, isn't that what Christmas is for most people now? Mammonfest.

But the ball is still rolling. Who knows what the next layer might be. On the other hand, with that thick layer of Mammonfest, maybe the ball is too big to move.

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