Behold, the Fractal Camel

You never know what your feet will pick up when you're exploring the beanstalk.

Download parameter file camel.loo

It's kinda wierd isn't it? The combination of Middle Eastern culture with a Northern European, mid-winter celebration: Camels and Christmas trees.

Good King Wenceslas never rode a camel, or probably even saw one.

Holly and Frankencense: A very unlikely romance.

The wise men showed up late. Actually, there's something that fits with Christmas. It's always difficult making travel plans when a snow storm can close the caravan routes for weeks.

Mary and Joseph had to stay with the camels in the camel-garage. Well, that fits too. Everyone comes to visit for Christmas, I slept on the floor once myself.

Maybe there's a few parallels. But here's something really strange.

The pagan symbols we still retain as part of Christmas: candles; yule logs; evergreen trees; are in fact perfect symbols of the Jewish Messiah.

Candles: Light in the darkness of winter. Yule logs: Heat in the cold of winter Evergreens: Life in the dead of winter.

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