Achtung! Christmas is over

But since the holidays have just started and the evening of another year is spread out against the sky...

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Let's consider the topic of Medium vs Genre.

For example: The written or printed word. The medium is uh, the printed word. Words printed on paper. But the genre of the printed words could be poetry, prose, a play, etc...

If you want to write something it doesn't have to be poetry, in verses or whatever, it could be fiction, prose, words in sentences and stuff like that, or something else.

My point is: the medium of the printed word supports many types of genres. A genre is a style of printed words.

That's enough, let's jump to the more interesting stuff: Blogs.

Is a blog a medium or genre?

Ha, ha! Wrong, you morons! It's a medium, not a genre.

And you can't argue with me because this is a blog and it's not the usual bloggish genre of the Online Diary. Ergo, the blog medium can have more than one style or genre. I've proved it. I'm proving it right now.

So, moving right along before I lose your attention, let's ask the question: What is a blog for?

Answer: Anything you can get away with.

That is, within the restrictions of the medium: words, pictures, comments, counter-comments, hyperlinks, serialized content.

So what's a website for? Same thing, anything website-able, which is to say any contruction consisting of the parts the medium supports: text; graphics; midi music; flash; animated gifs; streaming media; scrolling, blinking, flaming text; etc...

Books are a medium, genres would include: fiction; non-fiction; coffee table books; self-help; text-books. The book medium only supports words and pictures (unless you want to include scratch 'n sniff ink which would be smells).

What can you do with books? Well, obviously quite a lot. Think of all the great books you've read, or go to a library and look at all the great books you could read.

Blogs go further, they can contain instant reviews (ie comments); links to other stuff; fresh daily, hourly or whatever content.

So forget all the stuff that everyone else has done. Take the less traveled path. Hey, don't take any path at all. Head off into the trees at full throttle, go over a cliff with your eyes closed, let 'er rip man!

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