Zippy, the happy fractal giant

Aw shucks, everybody loves Zippy.

Download parameter file zippy.xpf

Where does he come from, and what does he do?

He just walks around whistling a cheerful tune and smiling at everyone he meets.

You're in the kitchen, working away, you hear a noise, turn around... it's Zippy! He's just popping in to say hello and get back on his way.

I know you're all familiar with the theme song to the Australian TV show, Skippy the kangaroo. Try singing this: "Zippy, Zippy. Zippy the fractal..." Darn, it doesn't work.

That's okay. Zippy will write his own theme song. He's the Uncle Remus of fractal land.

But you know, and maybe I'm paranoid, or just mean spirited, but I'm not sure Zippy is always a nice guy. Sometimes I see stuff smashed or whole trees uprooted and thrown hundreds of feet away.

It's got to be Zippy. Who else can do that? Sure, maybe a tornado, but I think I would have noticed a tornado if there was one.

I've never actually seen him do anything bad, he's always smiling, but maybe it's just a facade. Who can be happy all the time?

I'd like to follow him around sometime and see what's on that face when no one's looking.

Maybe he's anxious about not really having a job or something meaningful to do other than wander about grinning all day. That's probably it. I'll bet he thinks we laugh at him behind his back and think he's stupid or something. Then he goes out into the bush and explodes in a fit of rage.

On the other hand, I've got to hand it to him, for a guy you never see working, he's always well fed and smartly dressed. He's got a place to live and keeps himself in good shape.

Kinda makes you wonder why we're all slaving away trying to make ends meet. Maybe we ought to just pack up and leave this worthless toil and join Zippy on the open road.

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