What's shakin' with Ushiki?

When it comes to microbe-mania this guy's infected!

Download parameter file squork02.loo

I test every new color setting for the orbit counting renders with the number 7 formula, Ushiki Phoenix. If it's any good, Ushiki will show it.

It's a paradise for parasites.

Look at this one and his wacked-out buddies, flying around in epidemic formation.

This one is a Julia mode, which adds a freak factor to the usual harvest of microscopic mutants.

I'm so glad the fractals, or whatever these things really are, stay in the machine and never leak out.

What a strange twist to the Andromeda Strain: fractal infection.

Fractalia pestis. The Black Death of our time. Eventually the victims, loaded with parasites, begin to resemble the fractal formula encoded in the microbes' DNA. Just like some Serpinski's triangle inside you growing in reverse.

Freaky Ushiki: Fractal of Death.

Yeah, some of the microbes don't kill you because they have a different formula in their DNA. You don't know who in the movie is going to die until the infection is advanced far enough to see the fractal shape coming together.

But the big twist is that the victims aren't dead. A few days after being buried, the iterations haven't stopped and the person is completely transformed into a large version of the fractal formula and literally comes back from the dead as a Fractal Zombie, for lack of a better term.

Anyhow, some of the other fractal formulas are not bad either, but Ushiki is the place to go for a petrie dish of portraits.

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