What hath Xaos wrought?

I checked the spelling on that last word and it's correct. I was sure some of those letters had to go since they're clearly vestigial.

Download parameter file spiral30.xpf

If you try out the parameter file, I suggest you start by just pressing the random palette hotkey "P" a few times to see what radical transformations the palette can make.

Color is such a mysterious thing. I can always tell when it's just right, but I can't do anything to improve it when it's wrong.

That's the beauty of the Xaos fractal program: it harnesses the power of computing to present you with endless color choices. Imagine an enormous box of pencil crayons with a high-bypass turbojet engine strapped to them.

Yeah, now you understand.

Some people make their own color palettes or whatever they call them. They do it color by color and sometimes by candlelight. That's admirable and lends a gentle human touch to a technology-laden artform. But the random palette algorithm in Xaos will leave them choking and crawling in the dust.

Remember the guy who died with a hammer in his hand? He almost beat the tunnelling machine, digging faster by hand until he had a heart attack.

Don't fight the machine. Drive it.

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