Torn off, stuck on, tucked away. Framed by fingerprints. Legless, armless, torso of words. Stone among the ashes.

Download parameter file twohead.xpf

Home of the Two-Headed Mandelbrot: A subtitle I considered using for my blog.

This one really shows how easy it is to make good stuff with Xaos.

Recipe: Biomorphs in-coloring, squares out-coloring, edge detection #1 filter, anti-aliasing, palette emulator, magnet 1 formula, rotate so it's not lop-sided. Press the random palette generator hot-key, "p" until you see something worth saving.

Use a dirty cookie sheet and you won't have to grease it.

Cook 'em till they're burnt a little. The charcoal is good for you, it absorbs all sorts of intestinal junk.

It's a frustrating formula. This image is nice, but zoom in and all you see is the same stuff. If all fractals were this self-similar they're wouldn't be any fractal art.

It takes longer than your standard mandelbrot to calculate.

Why all the mandelbrot figures? I don't know. I just make pictures.

It's some kind of Bermuda Triangle thing. It's not a mandelbrot formula, yet we see the appearance of little mandelbrots. It's old too.

If formulas had genes, I'd say they're related somewhere back in the fractal Jurassic period. A fractal missing link?

Some of the mandelbrots are contorted, which is nice to look at and breaks up the monotony of navigating all those soapsuds.

It doesn't like to be perturbed, and it shows it by taking a little longer to calculate. Just like a tired and sour horse.

This might be the last one.

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