Take off your shoes, worm!

And grovel before the King of Sterlingware.

Download parameter file keepontruckin.loo

I'm joking, ha ha, keep your shoes on. But I just can't get over having all this blogging power at my fingertips. And for free too.

I remember reading a book about the difficulties of getting a book published. It was really depressing how hard it is for good authors to find a publisher.

Of course, from the publisher's point of view it's not easy to find works that will be profitable. Printing books is expensive and it seems fewer people read these days... and it's just that sort of depressing dilemma.

But look at all this. Blogger gives you unlimited blog space for free. No ads, simple to use templates.

Who's paying for all this? Well actually, it's all rather cheap to start with. Publishing blogs, or any other online content is nowhere near as costly as the old book method. And Blogger belongs to Google and Google is the friendly giant of the internet with a great big castle and plenty of room for the whole global village.

Now, for the first time in the history of the world, or maybe just the industrialized world, any book can be published for free!

It's as if Blogger and other free internet services have made us all royalty. We can publish anything we want as if we were kings and had a royal printery at our service.

I'm sure something really great is going to happen. All the obstacles between creating and publishing have been removed and nothing can stop the great minds of our time. The disease of unpublishment has been eradicated.

Sure, there's going to be alot of mediocre stuff published but the good stuff will shine through, eventually. Copyright will be virtually meaningless (no pun intended). After all, it only exists to protect the rights of publishers to restrict distribution so they can rip off writers with one hand and consumers with the other.

If you think about it, and I have, the cost of buying a book reduces the number of people who will read it. If your goal is to disseminate your writing, the price of a book acts as a tax on that and you're better off giving it away in the long run.

Writers have never made any money and that won't change. Of course you could try selling your ebook downloads for one dollar. You'll probably make more money than if it was printed and sold for thirty-five. It will be so convenient people won't bother trying to steal their own copies. And every penny will be profit for the author.

Alright, it might be hard to make any money off that sort of publishing, but all writers should have real jobs too. If only for inspiration and to slow them down and prevent them from writing too much. I mean, look at me, if I didn't have dishes to wash and laundry to sort, all my posts would be as long, or longer, than this.

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