Snowy, the ice pony

He's happy. The air is crisp, the snow's not too deep, and the bright sun makes the whole world shine like silver.

Download parameter file snow.xpf

So what could ruin his wonderful day? Ancient Mongols looking for fresh riding stock. Or something to hunt. Dead or alive, they want him.

Allow me to share some thoughts on Genghis Khan and his band of merry men.

People underestimated them because they were nomads. A bunch of goofs on horseback.

No palaces, probably not even a garage for the ponies either. Did they have writing? Who knows. I mean, I don't know.

Somehow they got themselves organized. Cooperation allowed them to accomplish things their neighbours never expected.

They had the most advanced bows, which utilized a composite construction of wood with leather joints, shooting arrows like bullets. Their spare time was spent hunting tiny animals from horseback at a full gallop.

People, even soldiers, were much easier targets.

What he learned hunting rabbits, he applied to hunting his rich neighbours. And without any management seminars or government programs.

In the West we tend to view him as some romantic swashbuckling pirate. In the countries he "visited" he's still seen today as a filthy barbaric pig. Which is more historically accurate?

There's thousands of people all across Central Asia today who claim to be his blood relatives, and a recent study using DNA analysis appears to confirm this. That would make him the most prolific rapist in the history of the world.

14 women were killed at his funeral.

Yeesh. Back to Snowy. He got away, lively fellow, and lived many more happy years beneath the big blue sky of the steppes...

Well, it's my story and I can write anything I want.

I wish I could re-write history.

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