Seen any good kleenex boxes lately?

I saw one just the other day, it had an abstract, almost fractal pattern to it. The colors were deep, mysterious, and Chagall-like.

Download parameter file b29.xpf

But as I got closer to the kleenex box, I saw the fractal shape was just a big butterfly.

I never thought much of this kleenex box genre until I saw an amazing collection of six boxes for sale in the grocery store. Packaged together in clear wrap, a plastic carrying handle on top, just like the jumbo packs of toilet paper.

Each one could have been put in a glass case or flattened out and framed. And these were only the economy priced kleenex boxes.

You can find boutiques selling ritzy kleenex box covers made of metal, cloisonne or wood. But there are cheap paper board boxes made with material thinner than cereal boxes, made to be used and thrown away, that look better than the $50 dollar luxury models.

There are places in the world where poor people decorate their houses, or shanties with pictures from magazines and other thrown away sources.

Some art is garbage, but can some garbage be art?

Many of the great revolutionary movements in art have come from simply putting a magnifying glass to things that have been around us for a long time. Sunlight, shadow, people, landscapes...

We relate to great works of photography because, in part, they remind us of things we've already felt or seen.

We were there before the artist was.

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