Radio, live transmission

It's a detail of a detail. The pattern reminded me of the speaker covers on a portable radio or the metal mesh of an old fashioned satellite dish. Can satellite dishes be old-fashioned?

Download parameter file radio.xpf

Or maybe a tiny part of a towering antenna. Far from the ground, alone in the air.

The sun sets. Moonlight reflects on the mesh and the antenna merges with the endless night sky.

Still and empty, electrified and alive, silent transmission.

Named with numbers and secret signs, made by math and radiating lines, anonymous tree of technology.

Routine maintenance, a single truck with hard-hat priest, performing the technical ritual.

Still the same reliable radio, the perfect echo, adding nothing.

Relaying, repeating, no heartbeat, no breathing.

Corroded with age and growing with beauty, humming the symphonies of the glowing cities.


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