Needlepoint fractals

Long before electronic computing, Grandma Mandelbrot made this simple needlepoint image.

Download parameter file needlepoint.xpf

Pillows, quilts, tea-cosies and table cloths: everything in the old homestead was decorated with her unique designs.

Book covers; curtains; table napkins; shirt collars: she was quite a prolific needlepointer.

Dresses; gloves; winter coats; canvas shoes; horse blankets; socks; bed sheets; coverings for the piano legs; doll clothes: she was nuts, obsessed, out-of-her-head; needlepoint all day, needlepoint all night...

She ran out of fabric. Her daughter burnt the wooden frame thing and took a hammer and drove all her needles into a piece of firewood.

She had extras, hidden for just such an occasion. She stole more fabric.

Back then there was no psychiatry or stuff like that so they just pleaded with her to stop and tried to keep visitors away from the house out of embarrassment.

Until she sold one.

Then it was dear mother this, and dear mother that. Get mom some more thread from town. Rip an arm off your shirt somebody, Ma's out of fabric!

She became rich, but didn't spend any of it except for materials. The kids came to visit alot more and then quit their jobs and moved in permanently to help count the cash.

She was just a money making machine to her family by now, and they frittered away every cent they could steal from her, which was just about everything.

They found her lying on a pile of finished table cloths. A couple days had gone by. Her kids hadn't noticed she was dead.

Then they went out, sold the table cloths, leaving her on the floor, and never returned.

She didn't even get any credit for what she had done. Her kids became famous in her place since they told everyone that her unique designs were theirs, and in turn sold away the rights to a major textile manufacturer.

Yep, the sad story of the first fractal artist. What a life. Ripped off beyond recognition and left for dead.

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