Glowing pyramid of power

Crashing surf of cosmic rays. Electro-frying crackling haze. Pounding pulsar shaking wave. It's full of stars, says Dave.

Download parameter file pyramid.xpf

I don't know if you've seen the garbage remake or sequel to 2001: A Space Odyssey. 2010, I think it is.

There's nothing good about the movie. Although, I should be careful, I saw it like 20 years ago and I'm famous for mixing up movies and creating recombinant memories.

It doesn't much matter since there's only one good scene to the movie. At the end, someone, or maybe more than one, goes over into the monolith, exclaiming, cryptically, "It's full of stars!"

Or something to that effect. Which brings me to my main point that at least the makers of the garbage sequel had the brains not to mess with Kubrick's surreal and cryptic utterance by Dave (or whoever the last guy left alive was called).

Arthur C. Clark wrote the original story? Someone like that, I guess.

I always liked that line, it's full of stars. Expressing wonderment and at the same time peaking our curiousity because we know he's not seeing any stars but only grasping for a term that comes close to describing the mystery of the monolith.

Well, wonder no more. Here it is. This is what Dave saw in the monolith.

He wasn't familiar with fractals or the edge detection graphics filter in Xaos like I am. So he just called them stars and since there were alot, prefixed it with "full."

Nowadays, in our enlightened digital era, if the same thing happened we'd hear the guy in Dave's place, maybe yawn first, and then say, "Cool, looks like a fractal."

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