Fractal Morrisseau

Swimming to Mars

Download parameter file mars01.loo

For years a colorful painting of a fish hung on the wall in my parent's dining room. I grew up with this mysterious creature with colorful x-ray organs watching every meal.

I forget how they came to own it. My dad, one of the few doctors in the town of Dryden to make indian patients feel welcome, might have been given it as a gift from one of them.

It's painted and signed by Norval Morrisseau. People will make a big deal about him being an indian, or native, as they say today, but really he's just another great artist.

There's a nice slide show of some of his work at where you can judge for yourself if it has any resemblance to my fractal displayed here.

Yeah, they've got fancy little folk tales to go with all the paintings, but that's just for the tourists. Like most artists, he painted the things which interested him.

I remember reading in a Carlos Castaneda book where Don Juan was talking about his Yaqui indian parents. He said his only regret was that his parents didn't discover that in addition to being indians they were also men.

They belonged to a sub-group, but they also belonged the larger group which encompasses all people, and therefore shared in the characteristics and abilities that all human beings have.

I'm a white man and Mr. Morrisseau's an indian, but I claim him as one of my own.

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