Color Town

I just can't get over the goldmine of color that's been liberated by the orbit counting render methods. Until this happened, I'd come to accept the earthy and subtle colors of Sterlingware as just one of the characteristics of the program.

Download parameter file color01a.loo

It's truly a program that can produce a great range of fractal imagery.

This image uses the "03) orbit counting" render setting, although the 02 one works well also. 04 and 05 don't give quite the same results.

The only other parameters of note are the Stalks and Bubbles radius that has been upped from 0.05 to 0.50, and the iterations, which has been decreased to 10 from 30. The iterations value doesn't much matter so I lowered it to increase the processing speed.

But it's the color that's most important. The color number is 11. Never before have I seen anything look good with this number. In fact, all the colors below number 13, I considered a waste of time to experiment with. I had actually begun to wonder what they were there for since they didn't seem too useful.

Well I guess it just goes to show that fractal programming is all about incorporating potential and increasing the options available to the user. Fractal programs are just tools, and until you figure out how to do something with them they seem pretty useless.

Why not get even more techinical? The image is a Jpg, which makes sense since it has so many areas of smooth, gradual transitions (gradients). But I shaved 10% off the file size by saving as a 156-color, dithered (the GIMP's Floyd-Steinberg) png.

There's something about high saturated color that the Jpg compression doesn't work as well on, and to offset this you have to increase the quality (decrease compression) which of course increases the file size.

Gif will probably give the same results as Png, and although Gif is not proprietary anymore, they still have this evil aura around them left by the Unisys LZW attack-on-the-internet patent thing.

Yep. Digital art is the big leagues. A guy like Leonardo da Vinci wouldn't stand a chance today. He'd be a bat boy or a hot dog seller, just so he could get into the stadium and see the pro's play without buying a ticket. I guess the poor fellow was born in just the right historical period, where his simple talents could shine in the primitive darkness... him and all those other wannabe digital artists, like Michelangelo...

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