The cave-paintings of our time

Left on the walls of primitive dwellings. Anonymous, mysterious, depicting scenes of ancient slaughter.

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Hey, if you guessed, "What is Fractal Art?" you win!

Truly, these are the cave-paintings of our time.

I'm joking, of course. But just think: what if the only "artwork" to survive the coming nuclear destruction and be admired during the subsequent planet-of-the-apes phase of earth's history is graffitti?

Sure, all those Henry Moore sculptures will definitely survive thermonuclear destruction, but without signs or bronze plaques no one will know they're art.

What if graffiti becomes the sole influence on the next thousand years of art, just like all that busted pottery was to western art?

What sort of murals would you find in the palaces of the ape-kings? I can see it now, behind the throne, starting at the floor and reaching the ceiling, in chunky letters, "BossBoy rules!" The Bayeau Tapestry of their time.

Will an artist's greatness in the future be measured by how well he can imitate the spray can effect with primitive drawing tools?

Will Charleton Heston show up and initiate a second Renaissance? Or will the great mob of apes, now forming the status quo and the who's who of the art world, have him silenced and banished to the Forbidden Place?

Nuclear war is never going to happen, but it sure has inspired a lot of art. Just like hunting mammoths and wild boars.

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