Attack of the Sky Spiders

...from outer space.

Imagine the horrible things that could happen. Think of the horrible things that have happened. Were they unimaginable?

Download parameter file 500_tidepool05.loo

Endless poisonous insects dropping from the sky.

I can imagine that. Don't unexplainable things happen all the time?

William Wordsworth once said that any reasonably developed technology was indistinguishable from magic.

In other words (no pun intended...) if you don't understand how something works, it may as well be supernatural.

The economy, for instance. How does it work? Why is there so much controversy over what should be done to improve it?

Since we don't understand so much that takes place today, why are we so sceptical about the horrors of the future? We ought to expect anything.

Why not civil war all over the place, in every country, all the time? Why does peace happen?

Aren't dinosaurs hard to believe? Many of the best monster movies are based on museum materials. Jurassic Park was scary, but all they did was resurrect the past.

The ice age. Mongol horde invasion. The Black Death. A handful of Spaniards discover and conquer the Aztecs. The past is pretty far-fetched: I think we've seen the future already.

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