Snapshots from the Fourth Dimension

The sine-trap 01 and 02 render methods in Sterlingware have always captivated me. They have a real vintage sci-fi look to them.

Download parameter file rocket02.loo

It was only natural then to spend some time trying to find new color settings for them. Diamond shaped bean strings/ long tails with shark fin collars/ and then tangled masses of both, produce a rich forest of imagery to be captured.

But they can also be repetitive and boring at times. That's why you have to get off the beaten trail, so to speak, and zoom into the tangled underbrush.

I've got alot of images based on this render setting, and next to the fractal dimension option this one has been the most productive.

Add in Julia Mode and you've got the ingredients for some very exciting stuff. Julia Modes will mutate the simple sine-trap plant growth and produce contorted forms.

I used to read about the "fourth" dimension in comic books. It was something like the proverbial "parallel" universe. It could be anything the author wanted it to be, but it was usually a big, space-age city with insect-like people rushing around acting serious.

I think it was meant to be threatening: To suggest that right under our noses was a burgeoning empire ready to overwhelm and incorporate us into their army of slaves: silent, anonymous, then move on to other conquests.

Hmmmn...makes you wonder. Just what is underneath the floor of the universe? Or behind its walls?

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