Robinson Crusoe on Mars

Don't be ashamed if you haven't seen it. You can probably figure out the whole movie from the title.

Download parameter file sinetrap01.loo

There's a special appearance by some famous spacecraft half way through the movie. They used the same spaceships from War of the Worlds, but turned them upside down.

There are other examples of cinematic frugality in the movie. The entire cast is only three people, plus a monkey. Yes, one is called Friday.

One of the guys is killed off in the first five minutes, and Friday doesn't appear till half way through. Mona, the monkey, advances the plot quite conveniently and even discovers the only food around.

Which brings me to the fractal connection. The food is these funny bean-like things growing on strings in a pool of water. They look just like the diamond shaped things in Sterlingware's sine-trap 01 render method.

I like the movie. It's incredibly dated and cliche, but it contains that delightful view of space exploration from the 50's and 60's that envisioned a new wild west and a grand frontier.

What exactly happened to the space age? Something brought us back down to earth. The past seemed much more futuristic. The future is no longer cities in the sky, it's problems on the ground.

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