Mandel with its head blown off

Finally, a fractal program that saves in PNG format and also supports the use of high explosives. It's called "perturbation," which is, I assume, a standard mathematical term since I'm sure no one would deliberately give that name to anything.

Download parameter file mandel.xpf

It's free, it's fun, and if you've ever experienced the joy of blowing up your toys with firecrackers, you'll love this.

I'm not sure what it does mathematically, but the result is a fractal that looks like it's been flash-frozen and carefully dropped on a concrete floor.

Or, imagine a fractal image painted on a lovely china plate then whipped out of a car travelling 70 mph as it passes a brick wall.

That's not quite it. When you press the hotkey, "b" and hover the mouse cursor over an area, the image is almost instantly transformed just as if the cursor detonated a charge of dynamite.

I'll bet Ultrafractal doesn't do this. This is not a serious fractal function. It's built for the "true enthusiast" who demands the freedom to blow up his work at any moment.

It does create some interesting images when combined with the edge detection filter. Xaos is short on formulas and this helps to spice up the plain mandelbrot sandwiches.

What would really be cool is to add an explosion sound effect to the mouse-click, or to change the cursor to a hammer whenever the perturbation function is used.

They'll probably just laugh at me if I suggest that. Nobody designs software for nutcases like me.

Maybe it could have therapeutic value; the smashing and everything. How about some of you fractal folks with problems, like say, excessive anger or paranoia, trying it out for a few weeks and letting me know if it helps.

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