Layered fractals: Images math never intended

"There are no natural fractal images, only post-processed ones."
      - Plato

Alright then, the so-called "post-processing" is okay, and the debate has been laid to rest. But what about layering?

Download parameter file flatblue.loo

No way. It's unnatural. Some layered "fractals" don't even look like fractals.

And it's hard work too. When you layer an image it takes all sorts of adjustments to get it to look good. Organically grown fractals are easy to make: the generator does everything and you just save whatever looks good.

People who layer fractals just want to make their lives hard. It's almost like traditional brush and canvas art that took ages to make and required plenty of talent and training.

That's why I prefer to hunt, gather and scavenge my fractals from off the ground. It's so much simpler just to pull one off your boot and frame it. In the words of Laika, the first dog in outer space, "Bad artists borrow, good artists steal."

Well, maybe Laika never said anything like that, and certainly not in English, but if he (she?) were smart he probably would have.

A quotation from a dog? Great. Now no one's ever going to believe anything they read here.

The parameter files never lie. That much you can trust.

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