The glory of fractals

When I first discovered fractals I was sceptical and disbelieving. I was curious, but I sensed that they were being hyped and promoted by some group of fanatics trying to make their little thing into something big.

Download parameter file cutout.loo

Then it was like falling down the rabbit hole, so to speak. Everything I saw was incredible and endless. I saved thousands of images because I felt they were all unique and I would never find my way back to that place again.

I would go to bed late, not quite sure that what I had seen was real. Occasionally I stared at the image on my monitor and wondered, "what is this!"

I couldn't relate fractals to anything else I knew. They seemed to be a strange new world separate and unconnected. I had seen things no mortal was meant to see.

Well, as it turns out, they're just fractals. Very down to earth and natural. Mathematics made flesh.

Previously, they had been known only in theory, dreamed of by mathematicians. The written formulas they had discovered were the seeds. Computers contributed the environment where they could grow.

But for me, there's still an element of the fantastic or the unbelievable to them. It's just like in the fairy tale of Jack and the Beanstalk. The magic beans grow into a towering plant that leads to a world above the clouds, separate and strange.

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